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8935 S. Pecos Road, Suite 21A
Henderson, NV 89074

A Strategy for When You’re Ready to Sell Your Home in Las Vegas

Category: Sell Your Home / August 10, 2016

Selling a home is a major financial transaction. Unless you’re among the world’s wealthiest individuals, your home is likely the most valuable asset you own. If you’re about to sell your home in Las Vegas, here’s a strategy to help you get as much as you can for it. Step 1: Declutter and Organize When […]

Hire an Agent That Listens When Looking at Homes for Sale in Henderson

Category: Buying a Home / August 3, 2016

If there’s one quality that frustrates people more than any other, it’s probably inattentiveness. Try talking to a friend, coworker, or real estate agent who isn’t paying attention and your patience will surely be tested. So committed to being attentive when we formed our team 15 years ago, we decided right then and there that […]

Silverado Ranch

Category: Buying a Home / July 29, 2016

Many of the homebuyers searching for real estate near Las Vegas don’t necessarily want to live there. A lot of them prefer to live in quieter and more family-friendly communities but would like to retain the convenience of being within a short drive of everything that Vegas has to offer. If this is the case […]

When to Sell Your Home

Category: Sell Your Home / June 11, 2016

Think you’re ready to sell your house? If you already started the house hunting process, and haven’t taken the time to assess whether you’re truly ready to sell your home, you may need to take a step back. Home sales cost time and money and homeowners who aren’t truly ready to sell risk their financial […]

Learn From Your Neighbor’s Home Sale

Category: Sell Your Home / May 30, 2016

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or learn from your own expensive mistakes when you sell your home in Las Vegas, when you can study the best methods for pricing, preparing, and staging your home sale from your neighbors. Consider these valuable lessons by checking in on your neighbors home sale. Bring the flowers […]

Why it Pays (Literally) to Set a Smart Listing Price for Your Home

Category: Sell Your Home / May 24, 2016

There are few absolutes in life and even fewer in the Las Vegas housing market, but one absolute holds that every seller wants to get the highest price possible for his or her home. While understandable, many homeowners are inclined to set a listing price that is too high. This decision can set in motion […]

What are SIDs and LIDs?

Category: Buying a Home / April 30, 2016

SIDs and LIDs are assessments placed on properties by municipalities for infrastructure installed when a development is built. Both terms refer to the same type of lien, although usage of “SIDs” and “LIDs” in Las Vegas varies slightly by area. In Clark County, North Las Vegas and Las Vegas, SIDs is the more common term. […]

Selling Your Home: Go Alone or Hire a Realtor?

Category: Sell Your Home / April 16, 2016

You’ve got the perfect home, a great location, and the right timing, so why do you need a real estate agent? Spring is the best time of year to sell and buy real estate and many homeowners who are putting their home on the market question whether they even need a real estate agent. If […]

Las Vegas Home Buying Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Category: Buying a Home / March 30, 2016

Buying a first home is an uneasy experience for many. They are excited at the prospect of owning a home, but anxious about the large financial obligations involved. For those about to step into this experience, having a guide for first time homebuyers in Las Vegas can help. A Small Sample of What a Guide […]

Selling Your Home In Las Vegas? New FHA Rules May Affect Your Appraisal

Category: Sell Your Home / March 20, 2016

After the 2007 housing crisis, more than a quarter of all Las Vegas mortgages were “underwater”, which means homeowners owed at least 125% more than the actual market value of their homes. Today, nearly a decade after the recession was first triggered, federal housing authorities are taking no chances on inflated home values and mortgages. […]

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